Dorje Kasung

Welcome to the Dorje Kasung website

The Kasung website is available to members of the Dorje Kasung who have a login and are subscribed to the kasung-announce email list.

If you are subscribed to kasung-announce, login here

Encampment News

For program and application information on the 2012 Magyal Pomra Encampment,  please visit the Magyal Pomra 2012 website.

Procedures for access to the Dorje Kasung website

Important note regarding the Shambhala database and website:
The Kasung website uses
only the email memberships for the sangha discussion lists (the "older" Webbymail lists).

These are separate from the new worldwide database and the membership required to access it.

Only the webbymail id is used on the Kasung website.

If you've lost your access to the Kasung members' website

Try following this recovery plan first. If you encounter problems or confusion, please contact with particulars.

  1. Check your identity and credentials:

  • Try to access the (older style) member search form, Member Search for example). If you can get to that page, but not the Kasung site, contact for assistance.

  • If you Can access the Member Search page, then your identity and credentials are correct.

  • If you cannot access it, you may have lost your webbymail password. You can reacquire it by using the the Password Recovery Form. The Webbymail system keeps an email address for you, and will send a new password to that address. If you don't receive a new email, it's likely the email address Webbymail has for you is out of date. Contact the sangha wide facilitators, at

  1. Check your kasung subscriptions:

  • If you can access the member search page, you can check your own profile, at the Member Profile Page.

  • If kasung-announce is checked, you should have access. Please mail if this is the case, and you are still unable to access.

  • If kasung-announce is not checked, you will have to re-apply as directed above.

  • [Note: You don’t have to receive mail from kasung-announce to be on the list. You can use the Block Email control on your list membership to restrict mail.] If you unsubscribe from kasung-announce, you must re-apply as above; using Block Email is best.